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dvdy_21827_sm_SuppFigS1.tif4311KSupp. Fig. S1. Immunohistochemistry for Sdmg1 in secretory exocrine tissues. Immunohistochemistry for Sdmg1 in secretory exocrine tissues using a second anti-Sdmg1 antibody (SK1774). Sections of pancreas (A,D), parotid salivary gland (B,E) and mammary gland (C,F) from adult mice were immunostained with rabbit IgG as a negative control (A–C), or with SK1774 rabbit anti-Sdmg1 antibodies (D–F) as indicated. Mammary gland was isolated from a lactating female. Bound antibodies can be visualized as a brown precipitate, nuclei are counterstained with hematoxylin (blue). Scale bar = 100 μm.

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