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DVDY21868SuppFigS1.tif3413KSupp. Figs. S1–S5. Expression patterns of genes identified in this study in whole embryos at tail bud and tadpole stages.
DVDY21868SuppFigS2.tif3380KSupp. Fig. 2.
DVDY21868SuppFigS3.tif3009KSupp. Fig. 3.
DVDY21868SuppFigS4.tif2965KSupp. Fig. 4.
DVDY21868SuppFigS5.tif2353KSupp. Fig. 5.
DVDY21868SuppTableS1.xls1289KSupp. Table S1. Microarray data for genes described in this study. Column headings are described further in the Excel file data sheet named Explanation of Columns.

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