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DVDY_21902_sm_SupplFigS1.tif34173KSupp. Fig. S1. Analysis of Sprr2d and 1700106J16Rik expression in sex reversed XYPOS gonads. Sprr2d and 1700106J16Rik expression in embryonic days (E) 13.25–13.5 gonad/mesonephros complexes was analyzed by whole-mount in situ hybridization (WISH). Sprr2d (left panels) was not detected in any gonads at this stage, which is similar to wild-type. 1700106J16Rik expression (right panels) was detected throughout XYPOS ovaries and was essentially indistinguishable from wild-type XX ovaries. In XYPOS ovotestes, 1700106J16Rik was expressed similar to wild-type XX ovaries in the ovarian regions lacking testis cords, but was greatly reduced in testicular regions with cords (within the black dotted circle). 1700106J16Rik was not detected in XYPOS Tg4 ǒrescuedö testes. In each panel, the gonad is located above, and the mesonephros below, the white dotted line. A, anterior; P, posterior. For XYPOS ovotestes analyzed for Sprr2d expression n = 3, for all others n ≤4.

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