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DVDY_21938_sm_SupplMovieS1.avi3433KSupp. Movie. 1. Time-lapse movie of a migrating primordium shortly after deposition of L1, in the Tg(h2afv:GFP) line. Time interval between frames: 30 sec, total length of the movie: 30 min.
DVDY_21938_sm_SupplMovieS2.avi5346KSupp. Movie. 2. Migration of a truncated primordium. 70% of the primordium cells were ablated 20 hr before the beginning of the movie. The truncated primordium has migrated over 14 somites during this period. It has deposited neuromast L2 and is depositing L3 at the beginning of the movie. The primordium comprises 35–40 cells, much less than normal. Time interval between frames: 1 min, total length of the movie: 2 hr 40 min.

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