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Publications are the lifeblood of academic science. They are essential to the scientific community as records of research completed, building blocks for new research, and templates for new ways of thinking. Publications are also essential for individual job security. Frequently they are considered a gauge of productivity that is taken under heavy consideration for hiring, promotion, and funding decisions. Consequently, completed research is of little value unless preserved in publication. Yet publishing can be a challenging prospect, particularly in the face of abundant competition. Here, five panelists, John Fallon, Ph.D., Min Han, Ph.D., Janet Rossant, Ph.D., Cliff Tabin, Ph.D., and Yoshiko Takahashi, Ph.D., offer their advice on manuscript preparation and negotiating the publishing process. Developmental Dynamics 239:723–726, 2010. © 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.