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DVDY_22174_sm_suppinfoFigS1.tif1028KThis figure (derived from Figure 1C) is a projection (i.e., superposition) of confocal images of a somite co-electroporated in the DML with 12TOPFLASH-EGFP (in green) and of H2B-RFP (in red). Twenty-four hours after electroporation, it was immunostained for GFP and RFP and for MyHC (MF20, in blue), to show the position of the nascent myotome. This is a ventral view of the image stack. B: is a transversal view of the same stack, that allows to see the position of the cells within the somite. The shape of the DML (and of the dermomyotome), of the transition zone (TZ) and of the Myotome are delineated by dotted lines.
DVDY_22174_sm_suppinfomovieS1.mp4563KSupp. Movie S1. This movie shows the activation of Wnt beta catenin dependent signaling in a dorsomedial lip (DML) cell of a chick somite. In red are the nuclei of the electroporated cells (shown by the H2B-RFP fluorescence); in green are the cells that activate the Wnt pathway (shown by the 12TOPFLASH-d2EGFP). One epithelial DML cell is seen to strongly activate the pathway over the time of the observation.

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