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DVDY_22184_sm_suppinfomovieS1.avi3778KSupp. Movie S1. Time lapse imaging of neural of posterior neural tube (PNT) morphogenesis. Movie 1 was taken at the level of Kupffer's vesicle (KV); the position of KV is in the center of the field, but below the field of view, in the first frames of Movie 1. The embryo was 3 to 4 somites (som) at the eginning and approximately 6 som by the end of the movie. The region imaged extends between 125 μm (beginning of movie) and 195 μm (end of movie) anterior to KV, which represents approximately the full extent of the tail bud region anterior to KV, as this distance is approximately 140 μm in a 4 som embryo. Time-lapse imaging was performed by collecting z stacks through the neural tissue, beginning below the enveloping layer (EVL) and ending directly above notochord. The size of Movie 1 was reduced by selecting the frames from the first part of the movie and the most superficial z stacks.
DVDY_22184_sm_suppinfoFigS1.tif16852KSupp. Fig. S1. Early Sox3C expression and complementary expression of sox3c and ntl mRNA in the tail bud. A: Sagital view of a 70% epiboly embryo labeled with α-Sox3C (epiblast, pink) and DAPI (4′,6-diamidine-2-phenylidole-dihydrochloride; nuclei, blue). B: Higher magnification of boxed area in (A). C,D: Cross-sections through the tail bud region of TB-1 somites (som) embryos labeled by in situ hybridization with sox3c (C) and ntl (D) riboprobes. The arrows in C and D highlight the complementary expression patterns of sox3c and ntl. Scale bar = 20 μm

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