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DVDY_22195_sm_SuppFig1.tif12746KSupp. Fig. S1. Multiple sequence alignment of mammalian and zebrafish Nlgn sequences. Predicted amino acid sequences for mouse (Mm), human (Hs), and zebrafish (Dr) Nlgn proteins were aligned using ClustalW. Amino acid positions identical for all sequences are highlighted with dark blue, while conserved amino acids positions are highlighted with lighter blue hues. Protein domains and motifs are highlighted beneath the alignment with colored boxes: acetylcholine esterase domain, orange (AChE); transmembrane domain, green (TM); WW binding motif, pink (WWb); PDZ binding motif; red (PDZb).
DVDY_22195_sm_SuppTab1.tif216KSupp. Table S1. Primers Used for RT-PCR Analysis. Amino acid conservation of Nlgn proteins. Percentage amino acid identity for pairwise alignments of the seven zebrafish Nlgn proteins (Danio rerio) and the five human NLGN proteins (Homo sapiens). Shaded boxes highlight comparisons between presumed paralogs within the zebrafish genome (left) and comparisons between human and zebrafish orthologs (right).

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