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DVDY_22248_sm_SuppinfoFigS1.tif925KSupp. Fig. S1. Additional expression analysis of the Inka1-LacZ allele. A, B: Whole-mount X-gal stained E8.0 embryos shown in ventral (A) and dorsal (B) views. Numbered lines indicate planes of sections shown in Figure 3A–D. C, D: Sagittal sections of E15.5 embryos stained with X-gal and counterstained with nuclear fast red. cp, choroid plexus; drg, dorsal root ganglia; mf, mesencephalic flexure; nsp, nasopharanyx; orp, oropharanyx; pit, pituitary; ttr, tubo-tympanic recess; v, vertebrae.
DVDY_22248_sm_SuppinfoFigS2.tif1875KSupp. Fig. S2. Neural crest migration and derivatives in Inka1−/− mice. A,B: Lateral views of Tcfap2a RNA expression in E9.5 wild-type (A) and Inka1−/− embryos (B). C,D: Lateral views of E10.5 wild-type (C) and Inka1−/− embryos (D) stained for neurofilament to show peripheral nervous system. cg, cranial ganglia; drg, dorsal root ganglia; tg, trigeminal ganglia. Numbers 7–10 indicate cranial nerves.
DVDY_22248_sm_SuppinfoFigS3.tif2665KSupp. Fig. S3. Skeletal analysis of Inka1−/− mice. A–D: Skeletal stains of wild-type (A, C) and Inka1 null (B, D) mice shown in norma verticalis (A, B) and dorsal (C, D) views. E, F: Alcian blue cartilage stains of E15.5 wild-type (E) and Inka1 null (F) forelimbs. a, anterior; hl, hindlimb; ip, interparietal; n, nasal bone; p, posterior; pr, parietal; r, ribs; rd, radius; u, ulna; v, vertebrae; z, zygomatic.

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