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DVDY_22298_sm_suppfig1.tif3766KSupporting Figure 1. A–C: A mononuclear muscle fiber expressing the emb1-1.9k-hrGFP transgene in the horizontal myoseptum of an embryo at 2 dpf (green). The nucleus in a mononuclear muscle fiber is indicated by arrowheads. A,C: Cell nuclei were stained by 4′, 6-diamidine-2′-phenylindole dihydrochloride (DAPI; magenta). Scale bars = 20 μm.
DVDY_22298_sm_suppfig2.tif5034KSupporting Figure 2. A–D: The expression of L1-2.6k-DsRed (A,B) and L2-4.0k-hrGFP (C,D) transgenes in zebrafish embryos. A and C were scanned in the inner part of trunk myotome and B and C in the superficial part of embryos at 1 days postfertilization (dpf). Both transgenes are expressed in the inner myotome (A,C), whereas only L2-4.0k-hrGFP is expressed in the superficial slow muscle labeled by F59 (D, arrowheads). Scale bars = 50 μm. Anterior is left in all panels.
Table_S1.xls16KSupporting Table 1. The effect of cyclopamine treatment on the survival rate of wild-type embryos at 2dpf
Table_S2.xls15KSupporting Table 2. Nucleotide sequence of primers for amplification of 5'-flanking region of mMYHs

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