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DVDY_22305_sm_suppFig-S1.tif59KSupp. Fig. S1. Distribution of Prrxl1-, Tlx3-, and Lmx1b-expressing neurons in lamina I–III of the spinal superficial dorsal horn at P7. The three transcription factors are similarly distributed and the majority (around 60%( is located in lamina II.
DVDY_22305_sm_suppFig-S2.tif90KSupp. Fig. S2. Distribution of glutamatergic neuronal subpopulations defined by the combinatorial expression of Prrxl1, Tlx3, and Lmx1b in lamina I–III of the spinal superficial dorsal horn at P7. Prrxl1+/Tlx3−/Lmx1b− neurons are preferentially located in lamina II, while Prrxl1−/Tlx3+/Lmx1b+ neurons are concentrated in lamina III. The Prrxl1−/Tlx3+/Lmx1b+ subpopulation follows a distribution pattern similar to Prrxl1+/Tlx3+/Lmx1b+ neurons.
DVDY_22305_sm_suppFig-S3.tif481KSupp. Fig. S3. Prrxl1−/Tlx3+/Lmx1b+ subpopulation is not affected by the ablation of Prrxl1. Double-immunostaining for Tlx3 and Lmx1b showed that glutamatergic neurons present in the spinal dorsal horn of Prrxl1−/− mice express both Tlx3 and Lmx1b, representing the Prrxl1−/Tlx3+/Lmx1b+ subpopulation (see Fig. 3E). Scale bar = 50 μm.

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