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DVDY_22468_sm_suppfig-S1.tif2401KSupp. Fig. S1. Microarray analyses of Gpr56 mRNA expression in purified testicular cells. Gpr56 mRNA was prepared from purified primary testicular cell cultures and hybridized onto MGU74Av2, Bv2, and Cv2 arrays (Affymetrix) (Shima et al., 2004). The hybridization signal intensities are shown on the graph and summarized in the table underneath.
DVDY_22468_sm_suppfig-S2.tif2664KSupp. Fig. S2. Whole mount immunostaining of Gpr56+/− and Gpr56−/− genital ridges with anti-Sox9 antibody. Distinct testis cords are present in both Gpr56+/− and Gpr56−/− gonads at E13.5. By E16.5, however, distinct boundaries between testis cords on the mesonephric side of Gpr56−/− gonads appear to be lost. The borders between mesonephros and gonads are outlined by thin white lines. M: mesonephric side; C: coelomic side. Scale bar: 20 μm.

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