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DVDY_22477_sm_suppfig-S1.tif10257KSupp. Fig. S1. Apical localization of lipoprotein receptor-related protein 2 (LRP2) in the epiblast depends on MESD at embryonic day (E) 7.5. A,B: In addition to expression on the apical membrane of the visceral endoderm, LRP2 was also localized to the apical surface of the wild-type epiblast. C,D: This localization was MESD-dependent, as epiblast expression of LRP2 appeared more cytoplasmic and diffuse in Mesd embryos. Scale bars = 100 μm in A,B, 10μm in C,D. ep, epiblast; ve, visceral endoderm; m, mesoderm. Embryos shown are at E7.5.
DVDY_22477_sm_suppfig-S2.tif5237KSupp. Fig. S2. Competition with unlabeled RAP reduces endocytosis of 488-RAP in wild-type embryos at embryonic day (E) 7.5. A,A′,B,B′ Endocytosis of 488-RAP (50 nM) in wild-type visceral endoderm (VE) at E7.5(A,A′) is significantly reduced when embryos are co-incubated with 200-fold excess RAP (B,B′). White boxes in A and B designate the region magnified in A′ and B′. Scale bars = 100 μm in A,B.
DVDY_22477_sm_suppTable-S1.doc93KSupporting Table S1

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