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DVDY_22516_sm_SuppInfoFigS1.tif813KSupp. Fig. S1. Additional expression patterns of J2501 in leaves. A–C: The 4 days after germination (DAG) first leaves, abaxial view. Overlay of confocal laser scanning and differential interference contrast microscopy. Green, J2501::mGFP5er expression. Bottom left, fraction of samples showing the displayed features. A: Epidermal focal plane. B,C: Subepidermal focal plane. Note erratic expression in epidermal cells (A, magenta arrow), in subepidermal cells (B, yellow arrow) or in both positions (C). Scale bars = 50 μm.
DVDY_22516_sm_SuppInfoTableS1.xls22KSupplementary Table S1. Sequences of primers used in this study

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