DVDY22518SuppFigS1.tif14432KSupp. Fig. S1. Localization of F-actin, N-cadherin, ZO-1, and HuC/D-positive neurons in the neural tubes, transfected with either <I>EGFP</I> alone, or <I>EGFP</I> and <I>FLNBsi4mut</I> (24 hr for F-actin, N-cadherin, and ZO-1, 48 hr for HuC/D). No significant change in the localization of these molecules or neural cell body has been noted in these negative control experiments, although slight thinning of the neural tube is observed when transfected with <I>FLNBsi4mut</I>.
DVDY22518SuppFigS2.tif17017KSupp. Fig. S2. Localization of β-catenin and aPKC in the neural tube is not affected by <I>filaminB</I>-knockdown.
DVDY22518SuppFigS3.tif2335KSupp. Fig. 3. Intracellular colocalization of yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) -Golgi and anti-E-cadherin-immunoreactive particles in MDCK cells. Arrowheads point the Golgi apparatus.

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