In the original published version of the article, “Expression, Functional, and Structural Analysis of Proteins Critical for Otoconia Development,” Table 2 (Antibodies used in the present study) was not corrected per the authors' request. Please find Table 2 presented correctly below. The publisher regrets this error.

Table 2. Antibodies Used in the Present Studya
Antibody nameImmunogenHost speciesFinal concentrationSupplierRecognized protein size (KD)
  • a

    rm, recombinant mouse; hu, human.

  • b

    Peptide common in many species (mammals, birds, and lower vertebrates).

Sc1 (polyclonal)NS0-derived rm Sc1 (aa 17-650)Goat1:100 (2 ng/μl)1:500 (0.4 ng/μl)R&D72
Sparc (polyclonal)NS0-derived rm SparcGoat1:100 (1 ng/μl)1:500 (0.2 ng/μl)R&D35
KSPG (monoclonal)Hu articular cartilage proteoglycanMouse1:200 Chemicon425
HSPG (monoclonal)MammalsMouse1:50 (0.02 μg/μl) Chemicon64
HSPG (monoclonal)HSPG from EHS mouse tumorRat1:50 Chemicon>400
α-tectorin (polyclonal)Chick α-tectorin (α1-subunit)Rabbit1:400 Dr. Richardson239
β-tectorin (polyclonal)Chick β-tectorinRabbit1:200 Dr. Richardson37
β-actin (monoclonal)β-actin (aa 1-14)bMouse 1:1000 (3.1 ng/μl)Sigma42
β-actin (polyclonal)Hu β-actin (aa 1-100)Goat 1:1,000 (1.4 ng/μl)Abcam42