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DVDY_22536_sm_suppfig1.tif8783KSupporting Figure 1 Hematoxylin & Eosin staining on histological cryosections of mammary glands from each C (a, c, e, g, i) and OD (b, d, f, h) rabbits on Day 14 of pregnancy observed at low magnification. The scale bar = 200 μm.
DVDY_22536_sm_suppfig2.tif924KSupporting Figure 2 Coomassie blue staining of PAGE gel of mammary gland protein extracts (15 μg) from rabbits on Day 14 of pregnancy, fed with either the control (C) (n=5) or the obesogenic diet (OD) (n=4). Rabbit milk (M) was used as a positive control. Migration of molecular weight markers (MW) is indicated on the left side.

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