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DVDY_22633_sm_SuppFig1.tif1623KSupporting Information Figure 1. Flow chart of the 50 genes indicating which genes have previously been studied and the new genes added in this study.
DVDY_22633_sm_SuppFig2.tif3272KSupporting Information Figure 2. Hierarchical clustering of median 3D expression patterns of cell cycle genes. A: Remaining four spatial domain clusters s (which did not contain high level PCNA expression): clusters 10, 11, 14, and 17. B: Composite visualization of all the spatial domains of the cell cycle genes at stage 24; dorsal view (top) and ventral view (bottom).
DVDY_22633_sm_SuppFig3.tif1977KSupporting Information Figure 3. Movie showing the spatial domain clusters for the cell cycle genes in stage-24 chick wing. Spatial domain cluster 18 and then 19 appear first, then domain clusters 13 and 15.
DVDY_22633_sm_SuppMovie1.mpg3016KSupporting Information Movie 1. 3D expression patterns of (i) Angpt, (ii) Bmp2, (iii) Hoxa9, (iv) Hoxd11, (v) Hoxd12, (vi) Notum (vii) Ptch1, (viii) Snai2, (ix) Wnt5a. Virtual sections taken through different planes of reference wing bud to show levels of expression. A: Reference wing buds showing the planes of section (orange bars) to give views shown in B (A-Po/Pr-Di), C ( A-Po/Do-V), and D (V-Do/Pr-Di). B–D: Heat map images of median expression patterns. Heat map scale bar bottom right. A, Anterior; Po, Posterior; Pr, Proximal; Di, Distal; Do, Dorsal; V, Ventral.
DVDY_22633_sm_SuppMovie2.mpg2370KSupporting Information Movie 2. Movie showing the spatial domain clusters for the total data set (50 genes). Spatial domain cluster 24 and 24a appear first, then domain clusters 15, 16, 21.

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