• Med12;
  • Med13;
  • Cdk8;
  • CycC;
  • Skuld;
  • Kohtalo;
  • Notch;
  • Suppressor of Hairless;
  • Mastermind;
  • mediator complex


Spatial and temporal gene regulation relies on a combinatorial code of sequence-specific transcription factors that must be integrated by the general transcriptional machinery. A key link between the two is the mediator complex, which consists of a core complex that reversibly associates with the accessory kinase module. We show here that genes activated by Notch signaling at the dorsal–ventral boundary of the Drosophila wing disc fall into three classes that are affected differently by the loss of kinase module subunits. One class requires all four kinase module subunits for activation, while the others require only Med12 and Med13, either for activation or for repression. These distinctions do not result from different requirements for the Notch coactivator Mastermind or the corepressors Hairless and Groucho. We propose that interactions with the kinase module through distinct cofactors allow the DNA-binding protein Suppressor of Hairless to carry out both its activator and repressor functions. Developmental Dynamics 240:2051–2059, 2011. © 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc.