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DVDY_22779_sm_SuppFigS1.tif7678KSupp. Fig. S1. Wit enables ALK2R206H hyperactive signaling. The pMad distribution in A9GAL4/+; UAS-witHA wing discs is slightly increased compared with A9-GAL4/+ control wing discs, consistent with its role in mediating bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signals. A9-GAL4/+;UAS-putRNAi /+ exhibits a nearly complete loss of pMad in the dorsal compartment of the wing disc similar to that observed in ap-GAL4, UAS-GFP/+; UAS-putRNAi wing discs. A9-GAL4/+; UAS-ALK2R206H/+ leads to a dramatic increase in pMad intensity in the dorsal compartment that is significantly down-regulated in A9-GAL4/+; UAS-ALK2R206H/+; UAS-putRNAi/+. The dramatic increase in pMad distribution and intensity is restored in A9-GAL4/+; UAS-ALK2R206H/+; UAS-putRNAi/ UAS-witHA. pMad (red), ALK2R206H (green), Wit (white).

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