Myocardial progenitors in the pharyngeal regions migrate to distinct conotruncal regions



Background: The cardiac progenitor cells for the outflow tract (OFT) reside in the visceral mesoderm and mesodermal core of the pharyngeal region, which are defined as the secondary and anterior heart fields (SHF and AHF), respectively. Results: Using chick embryos, we injected fluorescent-dye into the SHF or AHF at stage 14, and the destinations of the labeled cells were examined at stage 31. Labeled cells from the right SHF were found in the myocardium on the left dorsal side of the OFT, and cells from the left SHF were detected on the right ventral side of the OFT. Labeled cells from the right and left AHF migrated to regions of the ventral wall of the OFT close to the aortic and pulmonary valves, respectively. Conclusion: These observations indicate that myocardial progenitors from the SHF and AHF contribute to distinct conotruncal regions and that cells from the SHF migrate rotationally while cells from the AHF migrate in a non-rotational manner. Developmental Dynamics 241:284–293, 2012. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.