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DVDY_23739_sm_SuppFig1.tif4010KSupporting Information Figre 1. Ap2αCre expression in the neural crest and ectodermal cell lineages. Ap2αCre;Rosa26R mice were assayed for β-Galactosidase activity (blue staining). A: Expression was detected in neural crest-derived structures including the cranial neural crest, within jaw and frontonasal processes, the cardiac neural crest in the outflow tract, and the trunk neural crest, as denoted by expression in the dorsal root ganglia (black arrows). β-Galactosidase expression was also present in the lens and limbs (white arrows), where AP2α protein or mRNA expression have been previously reported (Zhang et al., 1996; West-Mays et al., 1999; Macatee et al., 2003). B: embryonic day (E) 14.5 Ap2αCre;Rosa26R embryos also have Cre-mediated activation of lacZ reporter expression in the cardiac outflow tract (OFT, black arrow). Rostral is left in A, anterior is up in B. A = ×10, B = ×50 magnification.

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