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DVDY_23764_sm_suppFig1.tif774KSupporting Information Figure 1. Location of bead placement at HH 11. Ion exchange beads were soaked in concentrations of SU5402 10 mM/ml dissolved in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) or beads were soaked in DMSO alone as the control for 1 hr at RT and then placed into the forebrain after emigration of neural crest cells was complete. The bead is labeled and outlined with a dotted white line. The embryo is outlined with a solid black line. The midbrain (M) and hindbrain (H) are labeled. Scale bar = 500 μm.
DVDY_23764_sm_suppFig2.tif297KSupporting Information Figure 2. SU5402 creates vascular defects in the head of treated embryos. A: Blood flow in a control embryo illustrates complete perfusion of the head (arrows; n = 5). B: After blockade of FGF signaling, blood flow to the head is absent (n = 8). The avascular region of the developing head is outlined with a dotted line. Scale bar = 1 mm.

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