A Transition


Amazing how quickly a decade passes when one is having fun. To me, that's exactly what being Editor-in-Chief of Developmental Dynamics has been, a decade of “playing” with my scientific colleagues and friends and having fun. But it has not been only about having fun. Together, we have worked hard and have done good work. As a result, the scientific stature of Developmental Dynamics has risen over the past 10 years, firmly anchored on the solid foundation established by Paul Goetinck, the founding Editor-in-Chief, and his team of editors. Developmental Dynamics is clearly poised for continuing success in rapidly changing times in publishing and science. I leave the position of Editor-in-Chief knowing that my successor, Parker B. Antin, will take the journal to new heights. He has my full support and sincere wishes for every success in his editorship.

My thanks at this time of transition go to many: First, our authors and readers. You are our scientific customers and we owe our continuing existence and success to you. Second, our thousands of reviewers; hundreds of Members of the Editorial Board; our past and present Editorial Assistants, Courtney Montgomery, Michelle Turner, and Mary Margaret Weist; our Science Writer, Julie Kiefer; our Reviews Editor, John F. Fallon; and our past and present Associate Editors: Parker B. Antin, Phillipa Francis-West, Hiroshi Hamada, Min Han, Ken Irvine, Catherine E. Krull, Suzanne L. Mansour, Takashi Mikawa, Angela Nieto, David M. Ornitz, Maria A. Ros, Hazel Sive, Lillianna Solnica-Krezel, Phillippe Soriano, Didier Stainier, Monica Vetter, and H. Joseph Yost. Your scientific standards and integrity have always impressed me, and your dedication to the field is unparalleled. Third, our publishing partner, Wiley-Blackwell. Our working relationship over the past decade has resembled more of a family interaction than a business commitment. I am pleased to have shared goals, as well as some blood and tears, with true publishing professionals. Unfortunately, there are too many of you to name who have helped us along our path, but a few deserve special mention for their long-term involvement and continuing excellent service: Patrick Snajder, our Production Editor, who has consistently done first-rate production work for the journal throughout my tenure as Editor-in Chief; Larry Grodsky, Senior Marketing Manager, who brings creativity and eagerness to the job of marketing; and Swapna Padhye, Associate Publisher, and essentially my publishing boss (although I will admit that, only now that I am stepping down), whose wisdom kept me out of trouble on numerous occasions and whose insight and willingness to experiment helped us seize important new opportunities. Fourth, the Officers and Board of Directors of the AAA and the AAA staff, and especially Andrea Pendleton, the Executive Director during my tenure as editor. You have had the courage and faith to empower the Editors-in-Chiefs of the AAA journals to set the scientific standards and directions of the journals. Importantly, you have helped the editors move the journals forward by providing critical additional support when needed. I know that you will afford the same trust, respect, and assistance to my successor. Finally, although already thanked, I must end with additional thanks to John F. Fallon, who has been a friend and faithful counselor. I could not have done it without you John: you have my utmost respect as a scientist and my greatest appreciation as a friend.