The original article to which this Erratum refers was published in Developmental Dynamics 241:465–480, 2012.


Figure 6. Beginning at E16.5 with the formation of the ductus reuniens, volume measurements can be obtained from the 3D renderings of the growing cochlear duct. Starting with the secondary growth extension of the base of the cochlear duct, length measurements can be accurately determined by creating B-Spline curve fits through the center of the cochlear duct from base to apex. Both the volume and length increase until at least P15, but they increase most significantly from E14.5 to P0. Additionally, the volume of the cochlear duct grows with delay compared to the length as shown by the volume to length ratio. From E14.5 to P11, there was a gradual increase in cochlear duct width proportional in the base, middle turn, and apex; however, the height of the base increased more than the middle turn and significantly more than the apex. This differential height increase resulted in a decreased cross sectional area, starting at P0, in the apex. Scale bar = 100 µm.

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In figure 6, the y axis labels have been changed from μm to mm and from μl/μm to μl/mm.

This change will be reflected in PubMed. The publisher regrets this error.