DD ArtPix

DD ArtPix is a picture gallery of images related to papers published recently in Developmental Dynamics. Most were considered for cover photos, but only one cover photo can be chosen each month. Our authors produce not only excellent science but also excellent art. DD ArtPix provides a sampling of this art for our readers' viewing pleasure. To emphasize their artistic value, images are sometimes manipulated in Photoshop.

Hh responding tissue in the adult Zebrafish. Section through the head of a 6-month-old Tg(GBS-ptch2:EGFP) adult zebrafish. Brain and jaw tissues regionally express GFP (green), indicating that these adult tissues are responding to Hedgehog mediated cell-cell signaling. The tissue was also labeled to show neurons (red) and nuclei (blue).

Images were provided courtesy of authors from the following article: Heat-Shock–Mediated Conditional Regulation of Hedgehog/Gli Signaling in Zebrafish, Shen et al., Dev. Dyn. 242:539–549.


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