• deep sequencing;
  • bioinformatics;
  • miRBase;
  • genetics;
  • amphibian


Using a combination of deep sequencing and bioinformatics approach, we for the first time identify miRNAs and their relative abundance in mature, metaphase II arrested eggs in Xenopus laevis. We characterize 115 miRNAs that have been described either in Xenopus tropicalis (85), X. laevis (9), or other vertebrate species (21) that also map to known Xenopus pre-miRNAs and to the X. tropicalis genome. In addition, 72 new X. laevis putative candidate miRNAs are identified based on mapping to X. tropicalis genome within regions that have the propensity to form hairpin loops. These data expand on the availability of genetic information in X. laevis and identify target miRNAs for future functional studies. genesis 50:286–299, 2012. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.