• RNAi interaction screen;
  • NR4A;
  • modifier


The NR4A nuclear receptor NHR-6 is an essential regulator of spermatheca organogenesis in C. elegans. In this study, we perform a focused, RNAi-based screen to identify modifiers of partial nhr-6 loss of function. Ninety-eight genes that encode signaling proteins expressed in the spermatheca were screened for enhancement of the nhr-6 RNAi phenotype. We identify the C. elegans gene jun-1, which encodes the homolog of the Jun transcription factor, as a strong enhancer of nhr-6 partial loss of function. We show that nhr-6 and jun-1 function together to regulate development of the spermatheca and are necessary for generating an organ with the normal number of cells. jun-1 is expressed in all cells of the developing spermatheca. We also provide evidence that NHR-6 and JUN-1 can physically interact in a yeast two-hybrid assay. Our results provide in vivo evidence that NR4A nuclear receptor and Jun transcription factor interactions are essential in regulating developmental processes in metazoans. genesis 52:29–38, 2014. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.