Dysfunctional schemas and eating pathology in overweight youth: A case–control study




This study aimed to investigate in overweight adolescents the association of dysfunctional schemas (negative basic beliefs about the self and one's relationships with others) on one hand and eating disorder (ED) symptoms and depression on the other hand.


Participants were 32 overweight adolescents experiencing loss of control over eating (LC) and 32 overweight youngsters experiencing no loss of control over eating (NoLC), matched on referral status, age, gender, and degree of overweight. Adolescents were interviewed with the Eating Disorder Examination—Child version and completed the Young Schema Questionnaire and the Children's Depression Inventory.


The LC group displayed a greater severity of dysfunctional schemas than the NoLC group. Maladaptive schemas were related to ED cognitions, dietary restraint attitudes, and depressive symptoms.


In overweight youngsters, ED symptoms are associated with dysfunctional thinking patterns and negative affect. © 2008 by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Int J Eat Disord, 2009