A prevalence study and Description of alli® use by patients with eating disorders


  • Portions of this manuscript have been presented in poster format at the Eating Disorders Research Society Meeting, Brooklyn New York, 2009.



This study examined the frequency and characteristics of alli® use among patients in eating disorder treatment facilities.


Patients from five treatment centers completed the Survey of Eating and Related Behaviors. Diagnoses were determined from survey responses.


Of 417 survey respondents, 26 (6.2%) reported a history of alli® use. Of those, 15 (57.7%) met criteria for an eating disorder, including one of 29 patients (3.4%) with anorexia nervosa binge-purge subtype, six of 66 patients (9.1%) with full or subthreshold bulimia nervosa, four of 49 (8.2%) with binge eating disorder, one of six (16.7%) with purging disorder, and three of 80 (3.8%) with an eating disorder not otherwise specified.


The results of this survey suggest that patients with eating disorders use alli®, albeit relatively uncommonly. Therefore, it is worthwhile for clinicians to inquire about alli® use when evaluating or treating these patients in any clinical setting. © 2010 by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Int J Eat Disord 2010