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By how much will the proposed new DSM-5 criteria increase the prevalence of binge eating disorder?




To estimate how much the prevalence of binge eating disorder will increase under the new proposed DSM-5 criteria, which relax the requirements for the frequency and duration of eating binges.


Interview data from a nonclinical sample of 888 first-degree relatives who had participated in a family study of binge eating disorder were analyzed. The probands in this study (not included in this analysis) had been selected to either have binge eating disorder or no history of eating binges.


The increase in the prevalence of binge eating disorder using the proposed DSM-5 criteria relative to the DSM-IV criteria was 2.9% in women and 3.0% men for lifetime prevalence, and 7.7% in women and 0% in men for the point prevalence.


Changes in frequency and duration of binge episodes proposed for DSM-5 will likely have only a minimal effect on the prevalence of binge eating disorder. © 2010 by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (Int J Eat Disord 2012)