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eat22147-sup-0001-suppfig.tif766KSupplementary figure Classification of eating disorders. AN = anorexia nervosa, BN = bulimia nervosa, BED = binge eating disorder and PD = purging disorder. Note that some participants met criteria for different eating disorders at different time points in adolescence. Participants diagnosed with a ‘broad' form of eating disorder needed to meet the ‘narrow' diagnostic threshold for at least one of the listed criteria.
eat22147-sup-0002-suppinfo.doc63KSupplementary table. Baseline and adolescent characteristics (% [N] unless indicated) for Raine Study participants in the current study (n=526) and those with maternal 25(OH)D3 levels at 18 weeks gestation but subsequently lost to follow-up (n=276), or excluded from analyses due to the absence of maternal 25(OH)D3 data (n=1070).

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