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Evidence-Based Child Health: A Cochrane Review Journal is published bi-monthly, and is edited by the paediatric leadership within The Cochrane Child Health Field. These clinicians have extensive experience in writing and publishing systematic reviews and have taken the next step of knowledge translation to make the valuable information found in Cochrane Reviews work in actual practice. This journal will be of interest to practitioners, parents, patients, and other child health advocates. The aim of the journal is to allow readers to inform their clinical decision-making and policy development with the highest quality research evidence available.

Each issue of Evidence-Based Child Health refers to a recent issue of The Cochrane Library.

Key features:

  • Overviews of Cochrane Reviews, summarising the evidence from two or more Cochrane Reviews, enabling a comparison of the interventions.

  • Recently published child-relevant Cochrane reviews are highlighted in each issue; these reviews are selected because of their importance to current paediatric practice.

  • Each highlighted Cochrane Review is reproduced in full and accompanied by an expert commentary to translate the Review for a clinical audience.

  • Author responses to the expert commentaries and Letters to the Editor provide a forum for discussion and clarification.


J. Robinson

University of Alberta, Canada

Managing Editor

D. Thomson

University of Alberta, Canada

M. B. H. Smith

Craigavon Area Hospital, Northern Ireland


D. Bassler

University Children's Hospital, Germany

L. A. Becker

SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA

D. Caldwell

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

E. Cohen

University of Toronto, The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada

R. M. Fernandes

University of Lisbon, Portugal

L. Kremer

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A. Newton

University of Alberta, Canada

K. Williams

University of New South Wales & Sydney Children's Hospital, Australia

Founding Editors:

T. P. Klassen

Manitoba Institute of Child Health, Canada

M. Offringa

The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada


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