The second in this series of Dr Cochrane clinical vignettes is based upon an overview of Cochrane Reviews that was published in the previous issue of Evidence-Based Child Health: Russell K, Chang AB, Foisy M, Thomson D and Williams K: The Cochrane Library and the Treatment of Chronic Cough in Children: An Overview of Reviews: Evid.-Based Child Health 2010, 5: 1196–1205.

Dr Cochrane is a unique self-learning experience—the integration of Cochrane evidence with a quirky fictional story and multiple-choice questions provides readers with the opportunity to explore and understand the applicability of a Cochrane Review or Overview in a new way.

In this series of fictional clinical vignettes, Dr Cochrane travels across time from the past century to the present day, to solve clinical problems using evidence from Cochrane Reviews. Read the associated article and/or listen to the Evidence-Based Child-Health podcast available online at and then test your knowledge with six multiple choice questions. You can find the answers to the questions in this issue on page 2007.

In the next issue of Evidence-based Child Health, Dr Cochrane explores the evidence for croup, based upon the Cochrane Overview available in this issue (Bjornson C, Russell K, Foisy M and Johnson DW: The Cochrane Library and the Treatment of Croup in Children: An Overview of Reviews. Evid.-Based Child Health 2010, 5, 1555–1565). Copyright © 2010 The Cochrane Collaboration. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. The Cochrane Collaboration