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Table S1. Priors, mutation models and summary statistics used for DIYABC analyses; (a) comparison of effective population sizes prior to expansion; (b) comparisons of the times at which populations were founded.

Table S2. Upper bounds specified for demographic parameters in the IMa2 analyses.

Table S3. Loci that show departures from Hardy–Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) and departures from Linkage Disequilibrium shown for each of 10 sites at which Pyura doppelgangera was collected.

Table S4. Values of the statistics GST and Dest calculated for pairs of sampling sites.

Table S5. Results of one-tailed Wilcoxon tests conducted on microsatellite data of Pyura doppelgangera at 10 sites using the program BOTTLENECK.

Table S6. M-ratios calculated for Pyura doppelgangera data from eight sites using three different models.

Table S7. Mean estimates of four demographic parameters estimated in MSVAR.

Table S8. Pairwise estimates of divergence time (T) among Tasmanian populations of Pyura doppelgangera.

ece31129-sup-0002-Appendix_FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF42KFigure S1. Maximum-likelihood bootstrap trees of (a) COI sequences and (b) ANT intron sequences.
ece31129-sup-0003-Appendix_FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF72KFigure S2. Factorial correspondence analysis (FCA) plots using microsatellite data from 10 populations of Pyura doppelgangera from Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, and New Zealand.
ece31129-sup-0004-Appendix_FigS3.pdfapplication/PDF106KFigure S3. Estimation of the number of clusters (K) in the reduced data set of Pyura doppelgangera microsatellites.
ece31129-sup-0005-Pyura_doppelgangera_COI_sequences.fastext/fas18KData S1. Fasta format, Pyura doppelgangera ANT intron sequences.
ece31129-sup-0006-Pyura_doppelgangera_Microsats_10populations.txtplain text document32KData S2. Fasta format, Pyura doppelgangera COI gene sequences.
ece31129-sup-0007-Pyura_doppelgangera_Microsats_10populations_Reduced.txtplain text document24KData S3. Genepop format, Pyura doppelgangera microsatellites, 10 populations.
ece31129-sup-0008-Pyura_doppelgangera_ANT_sequences.fastext/fas37KData S4. Genepop format, Pyura doppelgangera microsatellites, 10 populations, reduced data set.

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