Figure S1. Haplotype cluster analysis (K = 3) of Arabidopsis thaliana lines from North America and Euarasia conducted without geographic origin information for lines.

Figure S2. Haplotype cluster analysis (K = 5) of Arabidopsis thaliana lines from North America clustered into ancestral populations based on Eurasian haplotypes.

Figure S3. Changes in allele frequency between the native and introduced range for 136 SNPs.

Table S1. Origins and genotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana lines used in the genotyping experiment.

Table S2. Primer descriptions used for genotyping North American A. thaliana for variation in three loci previously demonstrated to be associated with flowering time.

Table S3. The frequency of genotypes across three functional loci (n = 213) for lines genotyped at all three loci.

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