Figure S1. Phylogenetic tree (50% majority rule consensus from a Bayesian inference search in MrBayes) including all 215 ND2 sequences of Malagasy chameleons of the Calumma nasutum group.

Figure S2. Detailed ultrametric tree for the Malagasy chameleons of the Calumma nasutum group using Bayesian inference analysis with BEAST, a Yule model, and a strict clock.

Table S1. List of field numbers and corresponding museum collection numbers of voucher specimens, GPS-based locality information, elevation of locality (m a.s.l.) and GenBank accession numbers of specimens used in this study.

Table S2. Estimates of net evolutionary divergence between groups of sequences (p-distances).

Table S3. Number of singletons and total lineages (including singletons) identified using SpeciesIdentifier at different cut-off thresholds.

Table S4. GMYC model results under different tree priors and clock models.

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