Table S1. Genetic diversity and relatedness of five selfing lines (A–E) of Kryptolebias marmoratus on Calabash Caye identified by Bayesian clustering based on 32 microsatellite loci.

Figure S1. Results of spatial autocorrelation analysis based on genotypes of 32 microsatellite loci of Kryptolebias marmoratus from (A) across all sampling locations, (B) site 2, and (C) site 4.

Figure S2. Likelihood plots for the identification of the optimal number of populations or lineages (k) in INSTRUCT following (Evanno et al. 2005).

Figure S3. Mean (±1 SE) water temperature, percentage of oxygen, ammonia, pH, salinity, and water depth of four sampling sites at Calabash Caye, Belize.

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