ece3350-sup-0001-DataS1.rtftext/rtf38KDataS1. Constructing a database of GDpop estimates.
ece3350-sup-0002-DataS2.rtftext/rtf190KDataS2. List of the 156 published studies used in the meta-analysis for correlating GDpop with longitude in the Mediterranean basin.
ece3350-sup-0003-DataS3.rtftext/rtf40KDataS3. Testing for biases related to non-independence of data.
ece3350-sup-0004-DataS4.docWord document91KDataS4. Effect size values used in figures 2 to 4.
ece3350-sup-0005-DataS5.rtftext/rtf392KDataS5. List of taxa found in primary studies with their reference code (see Data S2) and taxonomical levels used as categorical moderators in the meta-analysis.

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