ece3375-sup-0001-Appendix-FigureA1.pdfapplication/PDF106KFigure SA1. Non-metric multidimensional scaling analysis in two dimensions derived from a Jaccard similarity matrix based on the binary AFLP scores at 377 polymorphic loci for all individuals. Individuals are color-coded by sampling population.
ece3375-sup-0002-Appendix-FigureA2.pdfapplication/PDF1698KFigure SA2. Empirical data for all 61 clinal loci displayed in vertically adjacent plots. Populations extend across the X-axis; each pane's Y-axis represents allele frequency.
ece3375-sup-0003-Appendix-FigureA3.pdfapplication/PDF651KFigure SA3. Exemplary cline fits where change in allele frequency over the transect is relatively small, but cline width is narrow.
ece3375-sup-0004-Appendix-TableA1.pdfapplication/PDF666KTable SA1. Tissue and voucher specimen numbers listed by population. Tissue samples were deposited at the US National Museum of Natural History and vouchers were deposited at Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science.
ece3375-sup-0005-Appendix-TableA2.pdfapplication/PDF101KTable SA2. Inferred cline parameters for all loci and locus-specific FST.

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