ece3395-sup-0001-AppendixA1.docWord document263KAppendix A1. Genotypes for 85 red colobus from six groups in Kibale National Park (KNP). Missing data are indicated by an X. Group locations in KNP are given in Figure 1; SM – Small Camp, LM – Large Mikana, K30 – K-30, DUR – Dura, SEB – Sebatoli, and MAIN – Mainaro.
ece3395-sup-0002-AppendixA2.docWord document9002KAppendix A2. The maximum clade credibility trees for each of the 10 loci for two models of molecular evolution, (I) our best-fit model – PU2 and (II) EU1 the model that most approximates a stepwise mutation model. The time scale is in terms of years.

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