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Appendix S1. The Pareto front is the locus of all points in which the gradients of the performance functions are positive-linearly dependent.

Appendix S2. The Pareto front associated with 2 tasks in a 2D-morphospace is a hyperbola.

Appendix S3. The Pareto front of 2 tasks in an n-dimensional morphospace has hyperbolic projections.

Appendix S4. Calculation of the deviation of the Pareto front from a straight line for 2 tasks in a 2D-morphospace.

Appendix S5. Each Pareto front of 2 tasks in a 2D morphospace is generated by a 1-dimensional family of norm pairs.

Appendix S6. Generally, for 3 tasks in a 2D morphospace, the norms can be uniquely determined by the shape of the Pareto front.

Appendix S7. The boundary of the 3-tasks Pareto front is composed of the three 2-tasks Pareto fronts.

Appendix S8. The resulting Pareto front when one of the performance function is maximized in a region.

Appendix S9. Bounds on the Pareto front for general performance functions show that normally it is located in a region close to the archetype.

Appendix S10. The Pareto front of r strongly concave performance functions is a connected set of Hausdorff dimension of at most r-1.

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