ece3567-sup-0001-DataS1.docxWord document47KData S1. Genetic methods and statistical analyses.
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Table S1. The comparative dataset of 16 rodent species used in the analysis.

Table S2. Results from codon-based Z-tests for (i) departures from neutrality (dN/dS ≠ 1) at the antigen binding sites (ABS) based on Brown et al. (1993) and Bondinas et al. (2007); (ii) negative selection (dS–dN > 1) at non-ABS across 16 rodent species and Tupaia.

Table S3. The subset of highly supported phylogenetic generalized least squares regression (PGLS) models (≥10% AICc weights of the top model) explaining the following dependent variables: log number of alleles, nucleotide diversity (π), dN/dS at ABS, and dN–dS at nonABS.

Table S4. Phylogenetic signal in rodent traits measured by Blomberg's K and Pagel's λ.

Table S5. Model-averaged estimates of the different parameters in the subset of models with high confidence (≥10% AICc weights of the top model), as well as the unconditional standard error, 95% confidence intervals, and importance.

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