ece3697-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif994KFigure S1. Observed (open circles) and expected (closed circles) pairwise mismatch distributions of COI sequences of diaptomid populations from lakes Tondano, Poso, and the Malili lakes.
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Appendix S1. Materials and methods.

Table S1. Mitochondrial DNA genetic diversity indices and DNA content (2C) of diaptomid populations from Sulawesi.

Table S2. Migration rate parameter estimates (marginal peak locations) for five independent runs of IMa2 and the results of log-likelihood ratio tests against a model with no migration.

Table S3. Results of population demographic analyses for Tajima's D, Fu's FS, and mismatch distributions.

Table S4. Primer pairs and thermal cycling programs used for the COI, ITS1, 18S, and 28S amplification.

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