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Table S1. Dutch red lists used in this study. N spec.: number of Dutch indigenous and reproducing species; Eval.: number of species evaluated for the Red List; Sel.: number of species selected for this study. Number of Dutch species is based on the most recent list of (Noordijk et al. 2010).

Table S2. List of attributes. Availability: Ev, evaluated species; We, well-known species; Po, poorly-known species. Species group: An, animals; Pl, plants; Mu, mushrooms.

Figure S1. Definitions of prevalence, correct classification, Type I error and Type II error probability.

Figure S2. Theoretical effect of prevalence, that is, the number of declining species divided by the total number of species, of the species group and Type I and Type II error probabilities on correct classifications. The effect of three examples of combinations of Type I and Type II error probabilities are shown.

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