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Table S1. Descriptive information of the 11 sampling sites (Fig. 1) in Lake Mývatn. The sites were divided in two basins and five habitat types. Abiotic parameters used to characterize habitats included water depth (m), average summer temperature (°C)1, dominant bottom substrate2, and biotic parameters included dominant species of Cladocera (%)3 and stickleback density (i.e., the total number of sticklebacks trapped). NA, not available.

Figure S1. Size frequency distribution of stickleback of threespine stickleback trapped in the North (A) and South (B) basin of Lake Mývatn. Only individuals larger than 40 mm were used (i.e., corresponding to adult population of stickleback).

Figure S2. LOSITAN output from the neutrality test of the 12 microsatellite markers used in the Mývatn stickleback population.

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