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Table S1. Description of 84 sites across the Tibetan Plateau (TB) and Inner Mongolian (IM) grasslands where leaf traits measurements were taken.

Table S2. Data of leaf traits for 151 sampled species from the Tibetan Plateau (TB) and Inner Mongolian (IM), and both regions (TB/IM).

Table S3. Leaf phenolics, UV-absorbing compounds (UVAC), and leaf traits, including specific leaf area (SLA), leaf N, P, and N:P ratio, for 5 vegetable types, 3 functional groups at site level and 9 common genera (with more than 10 species) at species-by-site level.

Table S4. The correlation coefficients of phenolics and other leaf traits including SLA, leaf C, N, leaf C:N, and leaf UVAC using the multiple regression PGLS under considering the regional differences.

Figure S1. Phylogeny hypothesis for 151 Tibetan Plateau and Inner Mongolian grassland plants used in trait analyses.

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