Noise suppression signal processing using 2-point received signals



A number of research reports has been presented on the noise suppression signal processings as one of the important technical problems. Although a reduction feeling of the noise level can be obtained by the conventional method using the one-point received signal, it has been pointed out that the program of improving the articulation is not sufficient. to solve this problem, we propose a noise suppression signal processing method using two-point received signals. As the first step, the noise suppression method is discussed assuming that the desired signal is uncorrelated to the noise. It is shown that the noise suppression filter, which is the optimum in the sense of least-mean-square error, is obtained from the correlation coefficients between the frequency components of the two-point received signals. Then a method is shown in which the two-point receiving noise suppression system can be constructed using FET based on the proposed principle. Finally, to verify the effectiveness of the proposed processing, the method is applied to the two-point received speech under room noise. the articulation tests were performed for the processed and unprocessed speeches. As a result, it was seen that the syllable articulation score could be improved by 4 to 10 percent when the correlation coefficient between the two-point received signals of the noise is 0.1 or less and that of the speech is 0.9 or more.