Writing for publication in nursing and healthcare


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Edited by Karen Holland and Roger Watson

Published by Wiley-Blackwell, 2012

286 pages, price £19.99

ISBN: 978-0-470-65782-9

Website: www.wiley.com

Writing is important in all aspects of health care: clinical and academic. ‘Writing for Publication in Nursing and Healthcare: Getting it Right’ consists of 16 chapters that cover the basics of good writing. It begins with why we publish what we write and outlines some of the perceived barriers to successful writing.

It was written by experts in the field, who are widely published themselves, and who have experience as editors and/or reviewers for peer-review journals.

Key chapters cover most types of publications that health care professionals are likely to write: from the basics of writing for publication, to writing conference abstracts and presentations, journal articles/papers, letters, book reviews, commentaries, assignments, editorials and books.

In addition, the authors explain the editorial process, the journal review process and good practice in reviewing, as well as the ethical and legal aspects of writing and publishing. Understanding the review process and legal and ethical issues is essential and helps improve the quality of the writing before it is submitted.

Hard copy and electronic publication formats are discussed. The latter will become increasingly important as the number of online publications continue to increase.

Although some chapters build on previous chapters in the book, it is possible to selectively read information depending on the type of publication needed.

The book will be useful for diabetes educators interested in improving their writing and presentation skills and communicating in written form.