Adapting to climate change in land management: the role of deliberative workshops in enhancing social learning



This paper explores how deliberative workshops might enhance social learning about climate change adaptation among land managers in northwest Europe (Scotland). To date, methods for enhancing social learning in the context of adaptation and climate change have been neglected. In this study, location specific agro-meteorological indicators for both observed and future climate data were produced. The indicators were used as a basis for discussion in four deliberative workshops. The workshops sought to raise awareness of climate change issues, ensure the validity and utility of the indicators, stimulate thinking about adaptive responses and increase land managers' capacity to adapt. Land managers' adaptations to climate change fell into four broad categories: changing what they do, how they do it, when they do it or the frequency with which they do it. This paper therefore reflects on the use of deliberative workshops as an effective technique to enhance social learning regarding adapting to climate change. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and ERP Environment.